Who I Am

I was born under the kitchen sink because I could hear the water running.

Discussing yourself is like trying to separate the thunder from the sky.


Allow me to explain myself. I’m Heath Yonaites and I enjoy making things. To avoid confusion, my last name is pronounced like NFL legend Johnny Unitas. Here’s a short autobiography written in third person so it sounds more official:

Born decades ago in obscurity to supportive parents, Heath Yonaites was raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Always imaginative and curious, he harnessed his creative nature from the first time he could hold a crayon and plink a piano key. About to go sledding after school one day, his Grandmother spoke the most profound words he’d ever hear. She told him, “Try not to die.” So far, so good. An amiable loner, many of his best friends have been St. Bernards, and if asked he’ll admit to preferring the solitude of a sunrise to the cacophony of a crowd. Heath’s primary purpose in life has been some form of artistic self expression, in whatever guise it takes. He studied illustration at college and had many minor adventures thereafter. Eventually Heath moved out west to New Mexico, fulfilling a lifelong yearning for scenery. There he spent a few years exploring the interstices of the landscapes while battling the infernal wind. Ultimately he emerged relatively unscathed within the warm, serene foothills of the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona. Here he spends the days painting in his studio but has also been known to fumble around on various guitars, photograph appealing places, write odd stories, read about stuff, run up and down hills, sleep, and stare wistfully into space.

Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far. Any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me (phonetically that’s heath at yonaites dot com).

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