My Lineage

These two pictures might explain a lot. The first is of my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and three Great Uncles on my Father's side. The second shows my Great Great Grandparents on my Mother's side. This is no joke. Combine the insane dipsomaniacs with the stout puritans and I end up being a very confused little boy. Perhaps this explains my desire to drink heavily in the tropics with old ladies. I know what you're thinking, my Great Great Grandpa had a very cool beard.

Here's Barnaby, my new friend. I call him Bumblebee now, though, since I didn't name him originally. I got him from the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation when he was about two years old. He seems to have been beaten a lot before I got him, but now he's safe and full of new found confidence. Bumblebee is very well behaved and the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He came along after Magnus passed away. Barnaby is my first adopted dog and it couldn't have worked out better. Especially for me.

This was Magnus. Can a cuter baby exist? He actually looked like that stuffed animal when I first got him. He proceeded to grow into a giant. 220 pounds to be exact. Magnus was the biggest dog I ever saw, and the biggest I'd ever want. People would stop their cars to look at him when I took him for walks. Plus, he was amazingly nice with a funloving, friendly personality. Unfortunately he died of a massive allergic reaction to his annual shots, very suddenly and without warning. Life is like that, appreciate each day. It's why I got Barnaby; to give a needy dog a chance at a better life in honor of my other friend who didn't live his out. I guess some dogs are just too big to be around too long... But I'm happy I got to spend a few years with my pal.

This was Barney. He's the beautiful dog who appeared in all my art. He was much smaller than Magnus, about the same size as Bumblebee (150-ish.) Barney was a wonderful dog, very athletic and playful. We had a lot of good times. It's amazing that even though all my dogs look similar they all have very distinct personalities. Barney was a little goofy... Possessive and paranoid. A real character.

Egads! It's me, the crazy guy who made this website. If you've made it this far, I hope the trip snooping around was worthwhile. There's a lot of sweat in those images and sounds, so if you think they stink, please don't tell me. I'm sensitive and might cry. If, on the other hand, you find me to be a brilliant super genius, well... by all means, click that contact link and tell me! I will now leave with some words of wisdom, gleaned from my Grandfather who heard this conversation as a child in a store that sold billiards supplies.

child to Father, "Papa, can I have a pool table?"

Father to child, "Pool table no. Balls Papa buy you.

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