Welcome to my web thing. I'm an artist loner type personage who likes to make stuff. Why do I feel I'm writing a personal ad? I like to have fun and LOL !!!! :) Er... Anyway, here you'll find various samples of my creations with some indefatigable words of wisdom about them written by myself. The paintings are primarily alkyd with a few acrylics to break things up. Oh, a technical note about these paintings: all have been done on primed hardboard, such as masonite. No canvas for me! The digital art is, well, pixel based. Not much I can do about that until they make an organic computer. Other media covers the detritus of my visual world; graphite and ink.

My music could be termed "audio excursions into unusual worlds." Or call it "crap." It depends on what you like... The sounds range from electro-acoustic to experimental ambient to instrumental acoustic to electronic to pseudo-"world music"-what-have-you to grandma friendly and more. I don't know... There's a ton of samples, feel free to tell me what the heck it sounds like. I just make the stuff.

But I'm not just an artist... I also like to chase leaves, train rabbits to hunt in packs, xerox the dictionary, speak in tongues, race with a refrigerator strapped to my back, and blink a lot. Yet, with all this to do, I still manage to get bored. Thus, I've placed some short stories in the writings section. Nothing special but they pass the time. There's personal junk and a bunch of very stupid stuff in the etcetera section. Proceed at your own risk. My links section is woefully small because I have very few friends... But that's what makes me a loner!

That is all.

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